Thursday, 31 July 2008


I took my 'spare' bike out of the third floor gent's toilet where it has been living since I lent it to Tom, and cycled it home yesterday.

It was almost an absolute joy to zip through the traffic in the sun, and taking it easy and I did the 14 miles in about an hour.

My only gripe is the casual summer city cyclist who deems it necessary to cycle in traffic plugged into an ipod.


Joggers and ipods are everywhere and why not. I run plugged into the the Guypod to break up the pavement tedium. Occasionally, I will have an overtaking problem on the bike with a podded jogger on the towpath. This is okay - provided the jogger does not freak out and act surprised when they are overtaken. Which they often do.

However, cycling on the road with an ipod is just stupid.

Traffic in London is mental at the best of times. Bus and cycle lanes do not offer total safety from other users (buses and motorcycles - wide loads and my top trump annoyance the urban 4x4 that takes up all the road space). An ipod only reduces your spatial awareness in the melee of commuters, the stressed at the wheel, those using their mobile handsets, white van men, buses and coaches, idiots badly parked for 'just a second' in cycle lanes, people opening their car doors without looking, light jumpers, pavement hoppers and pedestrians who see cars but never spot bikes.

I could go on. But I won't. The article below articulates this whole phenomenon far better than I will be able to.

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Hana said...

hey hey, I'm just a passerby but I can see how much you love cycling by reading ur posts. :) Take care yaww!