Monday, 28 July 2008

The Greek approach to fitness

Mixed bag this weekend.

Got out on the singlespeed on Saturday morning with a 10 mile sprint along the river to Putney with Hayden – followed (after a pit stop to watch the rugby) by a tootle around Richmond Park on my way home.

A not too challenging 20 or so miles – except for when I managed to throw the chain – and it wedged between the spokes and the free wheel, temporarily turning the bike fixed wheel, until I managed to come to a stop. A quick bodge later and all was (un) fixed - but I have stretched another chain.

I am now questioning my adherence to thrift – i.e. fitting a cheap BMX chains – and I have thought about splashing out for a track chain (guaranteed not to stretch). This is all faff and I really could do without spending more time in the shed getting things to work.

Brining me nicely to the repair job on Kelly’s Specialized.

The Local Bike shop has come good again.

They ordered the correct brake lever in a week from Avid. Evan’s would not do this favouring to sell us new brakes. So that’s a winner – proving again that service at Evan’s is patchy at best.

The LBS has agreed to fit the lever and trim the brake hoses for £30. The lever cost £20. All in £50 – which is still £20 cheaper than buying a new brake set. The fixing cost seemed a little steep – but there is not going to be any margin on a £20 lever – and I was sure to bungle bleeding the brakes and trimming the hoses.

Considering the comparative damage to both the metal and Kelly’s face from THAT fall in Scotland – I will be very glad to get the bike fixed and safe to ride again. Brakes are important, and me not fixing them on the cheap is the best move. Peace of mind is required.

Hayden blew out on Sunday's ride on the North Downs (drinking related rain check) – so I went for a run instead. The ankle is still sore and very stiff – and running was a bit of struggle. James thinks that I will be able to run a bit more freely in a week or so if I keep up the exercises. This is good, as all this relative inactivity has seen my 'svelte' (ahem) profile develop front row chunkiness over the last month.

Indeed Lee took a photo of me in the pool last week – and I looked like I was going to displace a lot of water.

Archimedes I am not – but I clearly need to take a leaf out of his book and run about a bit more.

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