Monday, 21 July 2008

Give us a fiver

The good news is that we have got into the BHF London to South Coast Off Road Bike Ride.

It was a bit of faff signing up on Friday - we all had to sign up separately. Anyhow the 'team' by the time I left work was Tom (racing snake), Hayden (I think I have broken it), Kelly (heart rate now at 210) and myself.

I will check with Hayden to see if Ruth and Pickup got their entries in. If so, that is quite a number and will make for a great time.

So that's part one completed.

Now for the next bit - which is fund raising. I have set a target for myself of £150, and I have set up a just giving page at to facilitate getting the readies in.

I think Hayden, Tom and I need to agree how we tap up the office - and how we get work to match the sums we raise (as per the CSR policy).

I have also made the bold step of offering this blog as window on my training effort for the big day.

So my first training update is that I have not done any today. This evening Kelly and I have been tidying up in advance of a some more punters coming round tomorrow night to look at the flat. However, tomorrow..........[Guy is going fishing]

Tom has already been on a kit offensive (sterling work), and has a provisional 'yes' from marketing for the supply of some kit with the company logo on. From a sketch I have seen the shirts look smart - and will help promote the business a bit (all good on the pound matching vs PR front).

Actually, all cyclists like kit - and Tom's road bike DNA predisposes him to require a shirt with a logo on it. I think it makes him ride faster (joke - I know he is just faster and fitter than all of us).

Just checked my just giving page. No cash in the bank yet. Time to give the virtual tin a rattle.

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