Friday, 1 August 2008

Dread Zone

I went for a run last night. I still hate running. It was so humid (pre rain storm) it was like living back in Hong Kong - without the mosquitos.

I will change hate running to I dread running. You know it has to be done - but doing it takes all your effort and you never quite know how you are going to feel (although generally bad afterwards is my default).

Anyway, I did not run with the Guypod on last night - see previous post. I never used to run to music before I had an ipod. So I decided to go retro - and just run.

Actually I don't often run to music - I tend to listen to Pod Casts. Intresting things like digital planet / from our own correspondant. I like the idea that even though I hate running (which is aledgedly good for you) - I can improve my brain at the same time as my lung function.

But I do also listen to Russell Brand on occassion. This does not improve my brain - but is funny.

Having no sound last night did give me some extra brain space to think about this week's efforts:

Sat - 22 Miles (singlespeed)
Sun - 2 miles (run)
Monday - 11.5 Miles (singlespeed)
Tuesday - Drinking Tea and watching TV
Wednesday - 14 miles (Cycle home from work)
Thurdsday - 2 miles (run)
Today - It's my Mum's Birthday meal (anticipating eating well).

Total for the week:

47.5 miles cycling
4 miles running

Something similar next week looks possible (not to many meetings away from London) - and the ankle has held up with the increased effort this week. So the 100 mile weekly goal is looking good.

I shall be mailing H to see where he fancies a cycle this weekend - and I will make him pay for last Sunday's blow out with en-route cake (I am thinking National Trust home made cake on top of Box Hill).

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