Thursday, 10 July 2008

Cabin fever

Been a bit tardy in updating the blog.

Actually I have done no cycling for the best part of three weeks - as I have twisted my ankle and I have been unable to put any pressure on it. Massive annoyance in that I am not getting the best of the summer nights.

Some consolation has been the rain.

Cycling in the rain in the winter is okay, as well it's the winter. Summer cycling in the rain just sucks. It's the summer. You are suposed to be able to knock the dust off your bike after a ride - a bit of lube - then chuck everything in the shed until next time. Not so in the rain. And it has been raining hard. So it has been no great hardship watching the Tour De France in the dry of the living room.

With that in mind I am going to aim to get out on Sunday (irrespective of the weather forecast). Swinley is the best bet as it drains well, so there is a good chance of not coming back with a sore ankle and caked in mud. Just likely a sore ankle.

Who am I kidding - I am itching to get out on the bike - rain or no rain. I've got to get out of town and into the trees. I'll freewheel if I have to - or only peddle with my right foot.......

I got an update email from the BHF off road LDN to B'ton ride, informing me that registration will open on Friday the 18th July - but that the ride is limited to 400 places. I am sure we will get in - and I am looking forward to the challenge - but I'll be annoyed if we don't get in.

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