Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I Need More Teeth

I have set myself a target of doing 100 miles a week on the bike by the week after next.

This would be easy if I just commuted into work(14 miles each way). However, recovery form the ankle injury means I need to build the mileage back up steadily and sensibly.

Luckily I managed a flyer from work last night - so got out on the singlespeed for an hour when I got home.

I did the Richmond Park circuit - which is 11.5 miles door to door - and at about 75 - 80% effort got around and back in 63 mins. Which is quite good.

I keep forgetting that I am running 32/17 - which is nice on the rolling / hilly North Downs, but totally impractical for flat South West London, as I keep spinning out. I might change up to an 18 when I replace the chain (which by the way was very slack last night - and as there was no more space to move the wheel back any further I can see shed time on the weekend).

The 17 also explains why I was so tired after Saturday's sprint.

More Numbers -

I measured Saturdays ride - and it was more than I thought - 22 Miles (dead) so the scores on the doors this week are:

Sat - 22 Miles (singlespeed)
Sun - 2 miles (Run)
Monday - 11.5 Miles (singlespeed)

It is likely that I am away over this weekend - so that will keep the total down this week - but another couple of after work cheeky 10s by Friday will set me up for more of a concerted effort next week.

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