Friday, 20 June 2008

Hearts and minds over matter

After some idiocy involving an email out box and a little used send and receive option on my XDA, I finally registered my interest in a place for the off road London to Brighton. Kelly, Hayden, Ruth and Tom (plus AN Other) have also indicated they are up for the challenge.

The best bit is that I think it is going to start in Richmond Park.

So I am guessing the first bit will be towpath to Walton / Weybridge, then the Wey Navigation Canal to Guildford. Pancake flat and quite fast – so I am entertaining the thought of doing it on the single speed.

I can feel the miles, smell the fish and chips on the front, and taste the beer on the train back to London already.

I will also do some form of fundraising – as I think more than a £30 contribution is required for this good cause.

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