Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I need the Max Mosely training manual

Last week was a bit of a wash out.

You will notice there was no blog entry - and no mileage updates.

Quite simply I did five or so miles on the Saturday (3rd August) as I sorted out a few things and ran some errands and then did a reasonable 35 miles with Hayden and Kelly from Guildford to Leith Hill and back.

I felt on top form for the Guildford ride - and could have easily packed another 15 miles in if there was time.

Anyway, all in 40 miles and no weekday running. Poor. Very.

No real excuses, there was a bit of mid week rain - and I lost my way a bit after work (train delays / late running meetings / pub on Friday etc) - all conspiring to make me drink tea when I got home and to head straight for the couch.

On the plus side the fund raising is going well - and I must convert this good will and faith into effort.

I have been weak.

Punishment now beckons to compensate for this lapse in discipline and to help me get to the ton mileage from the end of next week. Ergo I will flog myself around Richmond park on the road bike.

In German.

Last week's efforts for the record:

Saturday - 5 Miles
Sunday - 35 Miles
Monday - Nada
Tuesday - More tea vicar?
Wednesday - I say jaffa cakes!
Thursday - Oh - Test match highlights.
Friday - Bond with Team GB via the medium of a Chinese take away. That's the olympic spirit.

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