Monday, 7 September 2009

King of the mountains (not).

Okay - slow with the updates - but quick with the progress.

I have been cycling into work three / four days a week since the last post (bar a week off last week). The weather has been okay - which is a key factor, as since I have moved house the ride to work is about 14 miles door to door.

The big change this year is that my commute route now has hills - as moving house means a flat route into work is not an option. I say hills - if you can count Surbiton Hill and Kingston Hill as hills and the long drag up the A3 as a climb. I know they are not big drags - but they make your heart pump if you are running a bit late and need to crank up the pace.

So training wise that's 28 Miles per day - times nine days - giving a cool 252 commuter miles up to the recent bank holiday.

Add to this a crafty 30 with Emile and Kelly at Peaslake on the 23rd August and I feel that things are shaping up nicely.

Then last week Kelly and I went to Afan for a 'staycation' - and hit the hills with the 5'' trail bikes for some roots and rock. A synopsis of the week would be 'Wet with crashes' - but that's another post..............

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