Monday, 10 August 2009

Right. LDN to Brighton 2009 is on. And I am back to raise some money.

Rather like last year I thought I would motivate myself to do some training through keeping the training details and commitments in a blog. And so that anyone giving who chooses to donate to this worthy cause through my ‘Just Giving page’ can keep abreast of matters.

I hope you can hear my virtual tin rattling - I want your money.

Since I last updated the blog there has been quite a lot going on - and I have had some enforced time off the bike. Log story short - Kelly and I entered the UK Single speed Mountain Bike Championships in early June and since then I have had four weeks out with a back injury that has kept me pretty much grounded. Boo.

As the BHF ride is in mid September - and as I now feel like I can peddle again, I need to get on with the business of putting in a few miles. My initial thoughts are that unlike last year when I was pretty fit and I needed to get fitter to complete the ride - this year I am not fit and I need to get in the Zone and work up to some level of fitness first - before kicking on and upping the intensity. Again - boo.

Yesterday was step one - I managed 20 miles on a combination of tow path and road. Light gears and a latte stop (reward for getting out with a sore back).

I certainly need to target a few road miles this week to loosen everything up - and then think about heading into the woods next week.

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