Thursday, 1 January 2009

A small list for the new year

Right then. 2009. So a very short note to my self that goes like this -

  • Ride my bike as much as last year as a minimum.

  • Try to ride to work a bit more - there is now a shower in the building so I have less of an excuse.

  • Ride my cross bike more off road - but get wider tyres.

  • Let other people lead the way in the woods and accept that getting lost is part of the learning curve.

  • I will do SSUK again.

  • I will do an enduro - to see what the fuss is about.

  • I will enter some races - as my form may have improved since 1994.

  • I may go on holiday overseas without my bike - or renting one (tough but I think I can do this).

  • I will sleep in my tent more.

  • I will sleep more before I ride.

  • I will tidy the shed and bin the old bike bits that I have not sold on Singletrack or ebay. This should be first on the list.

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